Meet the Artists!

Meet the Artists!

Artist Bios by Raymond Domenico

Grandpa in Luxe Magazine

Being partly raised by my grandfather, I’ve grown to learn and see his enormous amount of love, in which he devotes to three things. The first being his family, second I’d say is Sunday Dinner, and third is his wine.

Headshot for Denver International - Copy

Having left Chicago, moving to Denver, Chef Chris Teigland initially connected with Balistreri Vineyards as a server. Seeing his desire for food and the sheer talent pouring out of this young man, Chris began working in the kitchen under the instruction of Chef Hosea Rosenberg. He quickly rose to Executive Chef, where Chris soon developed his own style; a marriage of Asian and Italian cuisine which we will see in his showcased menu!

Johnny making pots

My brother, John, is pursuing degrees in Materials Engineering and Ceramic Fine Arts at Arizona State University. Or, as mom would put it, he became a “pothead”(no herbal relation.) When we started talk of a summer wine dinner, my mother and brother quickly began discussing a way to sneak in some of John’s work.