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Wine of the Month - June 2017

2015 Colorado Syrah (Avant Vineyard) $36

A dense and delicious Syrah from a longtime friend and grower. Neil and Diane of Avant Vineyards have been supplying us with Syrah grapes since 2012. The combination of soil and exposure makes for interesting Syrahs that collect more earth tones than some of our other growers. Situated on the Orchard Mesa of Palisades, CO, the vines hug a cliff-face overlooking the Colorado River. Visiting Neil and Diane’s home (which is tucked in the back, positioned between the vineyard and the bluff) you understand their love and care for the vines. Neil works the crop as well as several peach orchards, while Diane is the winemaker for their own label, Avant Vineyards. We’re happy to have this relationship with them and to continue purchasing thoughtfully farmed grapes from them.

Even and balanced aromas of dried cranberry, earth, and a hint of fatty game lure your nose in the glass. Juicy and full, allow this ripe Syrah to open up and show jammy blueberries staged over earth and gentle oak. We do recommend you let this wine breath for a while before enjoying. A tightly wound Syrah great for opening up to the air or cellaring for future occasions well into 2020.




Previous Wine Club Selections

May 2017

2015 Colorado Cabernet Franc  $32   

Avant Vineyard

Cabernet Franc is back! We know how much everyone has missed    seeing a Franc in the tasting room, so we’re rolling out a new 2015 from Avant Vineyard. True and familiar expressions of classic earthy bell pepper are sure to dazzle you Franc lovers out there. But, this    vintage also brings about lightness and vigor. Those without a craving for funky Francs will be intrigued by the fresh fruit, and down-right surprising transitions this wine will take you on.

Refreshing, clean, and transparent earth tones dance over the tip of your tongue. Hints of dried red currant and flint fall to the background before pronounced cherry tannin creeps in from the finish. This Balistreri  Cabernet Franc has nothing to hide, but lots to offer. Serve it just under cellar temperature to showcase the mouth-watering light fruit, and pair it with grilled skirt steak over Cesar salad. Grab some big glasses, break out the lawn chairs, and let Avant Franc take care of the rest.





April 2017

2014 Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon  $24


          Joe Spano! A name few people who visit us know, but is very important. Joe is the mysterious “Brother”, a nickname he’s held his whole life, and second cousin to winemaker John Balistreri. Joe has 30 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon out in Lodi, and has several long rows reserved for us. Working with the hotter days and very cool nights of Lodi, the fruit we see from Brother is very different vintage to vintage and its always exciting to see what the next year will express.

This particular vintage is unique for Cabernet Sauvignon. With an abundant crop, the fruit produced a lighter, less obvious Cabernet. More fresh and floral, strawberry and rose, this Brother’s Cab delivers! A champion against spring salads and grilled chicken, it holds a vibrant acidity that is key in showing off what I call “classed up Cabs”. So much of Cabernet is just big juice bombs followed by barrages of oak. And while those are always smooth, rich and round, the 2014 Brothers is more nuanced, lively, energetic and a delicious transition into Spring.

If you’re a long time wine club member, you may remember the days when you would receive two bottles of Brother’s Cab. The 2014 vintage was superb and brought us lots of fruit, so we are sharing this offer again.

If you are a “one bottle per month” member you will receive two bottles of Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are a “two bottles per month” member you will receive four bottles!




March 2017

2015 Colorado Syrah  $36

(Talbott Vineyard)

Talbott Syrah… Seems like only yesterday we said goodbye to your deliciously spiced and fruit packed 2014 vintage.  Having won a Gold Medal at Tasters Guild International and being chosen as an exclusive red wine for the Christening of the USS Colorado Submarine, the 2015 vintage has a lot to live up to. After our first few sips, its clear this new Syrah is giving last years a serious run for its money!

Tucked high on the far east side of the Orchard Mesa in Palisade, this modest vineyard has been a rock for us – producing outstanding, award winning Syrahs every year from as far back as 2005. We find the new vintage powerfully dark in color and pallet profile. Aromas are delightfully creamy, rich with toasted coconut husk and a hint of orange rind. Texture is soft with flavors of cassis and creamy coconut on the pallet. While savoring it’s ease and lush fruit, you should notice the Talbot Syrah still holds its structure, tannin, and evenly spiced finish. Perfectly paired with venison or spring lamb! But also remember, this is your comfort Syrah. Never dive into a bottle wondering if the occasion or timings right…it always is!  

-Ray & Angelina



February 2017

2015 Colorado Tempranillo  $32

(Talbott Vineyard)

Our tasting room has so many spicy Syrahs that come and go, heavy Cabs, and the always solid Sangiovese, that the Tempranillo may get overlooked in the mix. However, since we began working with the varietal back in the 2009 vintage, our Tempranillo has become a standard amongst our core wines. The grape really works with our style and expression of fuller and fruitier, while retaining light forward approaches or sometimes spice in given years. Though Grandpa John is known for his wild and intensely framed Syrahs, these Tempranillos have become the prestigious “work-horse” around here; having won countless gold and silver medals over the years.

It’s no secret that the two of us grand-kids have an affinity for our Temps. Where Angelina likes vintages that give off more mocha, spice, and raspberry, Ray leans on the fruit dense cherry, plum, and tannic expressions. No matter the vintage and profile, our Tempranillo will rise for any occasion. The versatility alone makes for a wonderful introduction to Balistreri wines and is often a bottle brought to dinner parties and get-togethers. This 2015 shows a gorgeous color of magenta, rimmed in a ring of pretty pink. Bing cherry explodes on the pallet only to tame itself and finish smooth: balanced tannin, subtle spice, and grape skin.  We urge you to open a bottle with a rare cooked Valentines Day steak. But if you can’t wait, Super Bowl Sunday will do! We hope you enjoy this newly released Colorado Tempranillo, and make it one of your “go-to” bottles of wine! Cheers!   

Ray & Angelina

January 2017

SOLD OUT 2015 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon  $36

(Whitewater Hill Vineyard)

Happy New Year!

With the new vintage in full swing and the tasting room offering many amazing wines to pick from, it was hard to choose which one should kick off the New Year! While the 2015 vintage is collectively exceptional, we are really excited about all the Cabernet Sauvignons we’ll be offering from various vineyards. Whitewater Hill Cabernet stands as a staple among them.

Some Cabernets can come off a bit “teenager”. Moody, confused, lost, and you don’t always know where they’re going to go. This is not that kind of Cab! For every fresh sniff of red fruit, there is one of complexity and depth. Hints of roasted meat and toasty notes glisten over the glass. The palate is no slouch either; big, bold and packed with black cherry. However intriguing this Cabernet is, it continues to stay fresh, composed, strong, and familiar. We hope you enjoy it in youth with your favorite dishes, or several years down the road as it builds in complexity!


Have a great New Year!

From all of us at Balistreri’s

December 2016

2015 Colorado Syrah  $56

(Horse Mountain Vineyard)

Horse Mountain Vineyard is among the most expressive and treasured of our Syrah’s. Some of you may remember several years back, when the Horse Mountain Syrah was our signature Syrah on our tasting list. Due to only being able to produce one or two barrels of this wine over the past few years, this precious Syrah was priced at $112 per bottle. However, in 2015, we were fortunate enough to be able to produce an amble amount of Horse Mountain Syrah.

We are pleased to treat you this Holiday Season, to one of our all time favorite wines! The nose is dominated by aromas of freshly ground black pepper, while the palate is ripe, smooth and full of creamy fruit flavor. Always one of our most treasured bottlings, this Syrah is the perfect pairing for lamb or other red meat.

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Balistreri’s


November 2016

SOLD OUT 2015 American Carignan   $34

Another fantastic vintage of Carignan! Just in time for the Holidays! An often overlooked grape variety, these Carignan grapes were sourced from beautiful, old vines in Amador County, CA. And of course, crushed here in Denver. This wine is medium bodied with bright acidity and a deep richness that will compliment any Holiday meal. Magenta hues sparkle in your glass as aromas of lilac and violet compliment the dense fruit and warm spice-filled palate. The delicious finish lingers with dark berries and black plums.

Enjoy this special wine with Thanksgiving dinner and throughout the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Balistreri’s


October 2016

2015 American GSM   $32

This is our newest rendition of a classic blend – Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre – and these grapes just seem to fit together! This vintage is a touch lighter than last year, with a soft mouth feel. Aromas of dried currant and wet cedar evoke the first sensations of autumn. Raspberry, cinnamon spice and hint of ruby red grapefruit on the palate make this wine lively, yet rich. We recommend just sipping this GSM or pair it with a savory dinner, – herbed garlic roasted chicken, anyone?


Signature Transparent for surerays-signature

~Angelina Domenico & Raymond Domenico

Winemaker’s Grandchildren

September 2016

SOLD OUT 2015 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon   $36

(Talbott Vineyard)

This Cabernet Sauvignon from Talbott Vineyard in the Grand Valley of Colorado is the first of several exciting 2015 Cabs! The aroma is full and voluptuous, starting with hints of bell pepper, then transforming to blackberry and round blue fruit with hints of earthy cocoa. The palate is unbelievable delicious and giving, with   intense blackberry and jammy dark cherry, smoothly forming into a focused and restrained tannin. This is what huge, smooth Balistreri Cabs are all about!

We hope you enjoy this wine!


~Raymond Domenico

Winemaker’s Grandson

August 2016

SOLD OUT 2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc   $32

(Beach House Vineyard)

A rich and dynamic, new world Franc! Green tobacco, bell pepper and fresh churned earth aromas settle in front of speckled wild berries. Palate starts bright with balanced acid, roasted green pepper, and rounds out full with flinty minerals and structured tannins!

Enjoy this spicy Franc with savory summer dinners!

July 2016

SOLD OUT 2014 Colorado Syrah   $36

(Talbott Vineyard)

Our July wine is a big bold Colorado Syrah perfect for a summer barbecue! Opulent aromas of blackberry and currant lead you into this ripe young wine. It’s full bodied with hints of spice and cedar emerging after the luscious berry fruit flavors subside. The dry finish continues to linger on, awaiting the next sip.

Happy Summer!



June 2016

2015 Colorado Sangiovese   $28

(Talbott Vineyard)

This fun Sangiovese is the first release of the 2015 vintage! Just bottled, this is the perfect summer red. Aromas of cranberry and subtle earth open the palate to fresh cherry and bright grape.

The ideal dry summer wine! Cheers!

~Ray & Angelina


May 2016

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Petite Sirah   $46

(CVS Vineyard)

A super light bodied Colorado Petite Sirah!  It’s completely out of character for a Petite Sirah. These grapes survived a difficult growing season on the western slope of Colorado and were harvested in between bouts of rain in October of 2013.  The rain diluted the intensity of the grapes, and the result is a delightful red to enjoy as the weather warms up. Fresh woody aromas transform into hints of cinnamon spice and juicy berries on the palate. The finish is clean and smooth with soft tannins that linger. Enjoy on the patio or deck!

April 2016

SOLD OUT 2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc $32

(Black Bear Orchard Vineyard)

We are welcoming Spring with a new Franc!

Our Cab Franc’s are traditionally earthy wines that demand food. This one is fruitier and brighter with a pleasant acidity, making it a great wine to pair with food, but not quite as green peppery as past vintages.

A rich garnet hue invites you into aromas of black cherry, spices, and toasted oak. The palate is super bright with flavors of mulberry and raw cranberry; that seamlessly evolve into banana pepper mid-palate, and then spicy wood tannins on the mouthwatering finish.

Enjoy this Franc with a juicy steak, fatty meats, or a rich, hearty dinner.

Description by the Winemaker’s Granddaughter:

Signature Transparent for sure

March 2016

Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon $24

Our March wine of the month is your choice! We have three different Cabs to choose from. They are produced with grapes grown by the winemaker’s cousin Joe Spano in Lodi, California and of course crushed here in Denver. Joe grew up here in Denver and his nickname is “Brother”. Brother has 30 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and most all of his grapes go to a large winery in California but he saves a couple rows for us and hand picks ours at the perfect ripeness to produce these classic medium bodied cabs that can be   enjoyed “everyday”.

The 2014 is new and vibrant while the 2013’s have been ageing for an extra year in the Barrels for depth and complexity, influenced by American oak and/or French oak. It’s a perfect opportunity, and fun to taste the differences.  We look forward to visiting with you in the tasting room!

2014 Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

An old style Cabernet with welcoming fresh floral aromas, tart strawberry and earth tones that lead to pleasant food friendly tannins.

2013 Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

(Aged 2 years in American Oak)

Green tobacco aromas lead you into stewed rhubarb and strawberry flavors, accented by garden herbs of thyme and rosemary with a mellow-smooth   finish.

2013 Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon

(Aged 1 year in American Oak plus 1 year in French Oak)

Intense vanilla and toasted oak aromas lure you into flavors of dried cherries, cinnamon and allspice, that return to toasted oak, vanilla, and a hint of mocha on the finish.

February 2016

SOLD OUT 2014 American Syrah $32

An intensely fruit forward Syrah!

Grapes grown in Amador County, CA, this Syrah boasts a full body with lush, ripe berry flavors. Cream soda, lavender, and vanilla notes all collide in this smooth Syrah. There are hints of spice throughout, but the palate is dominated by raspberry and red plum.

Sip this wine on its own, or enjoy with any delicious meal of your choice!

January 2016

SOLD OUT 2014 American GSM $36

Our first ever blend, GSM, is comprised of three grape varietals; Grenache 24%, Syrah 38%, and Mouvedre 38%, grown in Amador County, CA. This is a common blend across the world, but is a specialty of the southern Rhone Valley in France. Grenache is said to contribute spice, red fruit, and green herbs. Mouvedre provides tannins and color to the blend, as Syrah brings dark fruit and structure.

Our GSM is an excellent medium bodied wine that boasts aromas of woody spices and flavors of red current and subtle lychee berry notes on the front of your palate. As the wine continues to unfold, sage, thyme, and tarragon are accompanied by green peppercorn spice and smooth oak tannins. Enjoy our take on this classic blend with any hearty meal!

Happy New Year!

From all of us at Balistreri’s

December 2015

2014 American Petite Sirah $46

December’s Wine of the Month is an extra special Petite Sirah, perfect for the holiday season!

Inky purple hues, deep expressive flavors, and all-around powerful, Petite Sirah is always one of our favorites! This wine boasts aromas of mocha and tobacco that invite you into its creamy palate. Lush, ripe berry fruits of blueberry, boysenberry, and blackberry lead to long, pure tannins on the finish.

This wine is terrific now and will continue to impress long into the future.

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Balistreri’s


November 2015

SOLD OUT 2014 American Carignan $28

Carignan is a Spanish/French varietal that has been traditionally used in blends throughout the “wine world”. We sourced the grapes for this 100% Carignan from Cooper Vineyards in Amador County California. It’s the second vintage of Balistreri Carignan from this vineyard and we hope to continue making it for years to come.

We chose this wine for November because it will certainly be one of our choices at the Thanksgiving table. The brilliant magenta color invites you into the delicate fresh wood aromas. It’s very light bodied yet both creamy and fresh, with vibrant strawberry and tart cranberry flavors. The beautiful acidity of this wine finishes crisp and clean with minimal tannins, making it a perfect pairing for lighter fair like turkey and even fish. We hope you enjoy this young wine with family and friends.

Oh here’s an easy pronunciation. Karen-Yawn 🙂

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Balistreri’s

October 2015

SOLD OUT 2014 Colorado Sangiovese $28
(Talbott Vineyards)

A luscious Sangiovese, this wine sure is a crowd pleaser! With its light to medium body, it’s great to sip on its own or pair with food. Beautiful aromas and flavors of strawberry and cranberry fill out the body on this Sangiovese, with a finish accented by vanilla bean and just a touch of licorice spice. Pour this wine at your next dinner party and your guests won’t be disappointed.

September 2015

SOLD OUT 2014 Little Feet Merlot $26

It’s September already! And that means it’s time to release the new 2014 Little Feet Merlot, which was stomped by kids at last year’s   Festival Italiano.

Due to dry freeze on the Western Slope of Colorado in 2014, this       release of our Little Feet Merlot features grapes from Lodi, California which is located on the northern edge of the San Joaquin Valley east of San Francisco Bay in the Central Valley. As always, the grapes were harvested by hand, and shipped directly to us to be crushed by feet at the festival.

This year’s vintage really showcases Lodi’s Climate. The warm days and cool nights of Lodi have created a wine that exhibits bold, ripe strawberry qualities balanced against fresh and vibrant acidity. The wine was aged in neutral oak barrels which preserves the freshness of the fruit while adding structure and body.

Although this wine has the structure to age several years, we believe it is gorgeous right now! Stop by the winery and give this wine a taste!

Also, don’t forget to join us for this year’s Festival Italiano at Belmar in Lakewood, Sept 12 & 13th, to have your kids or grandkids stomp the new vintage! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital.

August 2015

SOLD OUT 2002 Colorado Merlot $36
(Grand River Vineyard)

A lovely old Merlot! This ‘02 is certainly an aged treat from the Balistreri Wine Cellar! Aromas of sweet red bean, celery root, and cardamom invite you into this antiqued Merlot. The palate opens up with rustic cherry and espresso flavors while the finish satisfies with a smooth, earthy salinity. Enjoy with your end of summer BBQ!

As with many aged Balistreri wines, this wine is best decanted very gently to avoid disturbing the natural sediment that has collected on the cork and bottle over the years.

July 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 American Tempranillo

These Tempranillo grapes grown in Amador County, CA have proven to produce some of the richest and ripest Balistreri reds. Also known as Tinto Roriz, this grape is one of the grapes we use in our Balistreri Port. The stressed berries in the high appellations of the Sierra Nevada mountain range cater to our big, fruit-forward, Balistreri style.

Tart fruit aromas react to air, giving this Tempranillo creamy batter sensations over time. The pallet is bright, but with dark fruit; Italian plum, black cherries, black currents. A proper tannin structure makes for a great food pairing and one of our most well balanced wines.


June 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Syrah

(Avant Vineyard)

A new release 2013 Colorado Syrah. We sourced the grapes for this Syrah from a small vineyard that overlooks the Colorado River in Palisade Colorado. It’s a big robust Syrah with deep garnet hues. Warm allspice aromas lead you to stewed blackberry and ripe plum flavors that unwind into rich chocolaty mocha as the finish returns to the warm allspice and star anise that lingers. This bold wine is a perfect pairing for just about anything you may be grilling this summer, from grilled veggies to grilled meats and poultry.

May 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Sangiovese

A perfect summer wine! As the weather warms up, be sure to slightly chill this bright Sangiovese down to cellar temperature (55-60 degrees Fahrenheit). This versatile Colorado Sangiovese is easily paired with food or fantastic as a stand alone! Fruit aromas accompanied by subtle vanilla set the stage for this ripe Sangiovese. Fresh Bing cherry flavors paired with warm tannins help to complete the wine with a lingering, almost hazelnut, finish. A perfect wine to get us all ready for summer, this 2013 Colorado Sangiovese is a classic Balistreri treat!

Love this wine now while it’s young and vibrant, but be sure to cellar some to enjoy as it matures and mellows.

April 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 American Syrah

This month’s wine is a new release; just in time for spring barbeques! Due to the short supply of Colorado grapes in 2013, caused by winter damage, we are pleased to release this intense American Syrah made with grapes grown in Amador County, CA.

Dark purple hues invite you into deep aromas of plum, pomegranate, and spicy white pepper. Fresh raspberry and black licorice-tinged blackberry lead into tart flavors of cranberry and eucalyptus. The finish is young with firm, gripping tannins that capture your attention and leave you awaiting the next sip.

March 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon

Grown in Lodi, CA by the winemaker’s cousin, Joe Spano, and crushed here in Denver, this Brother’s Cab is a mild, everyday Cab. Dried cherry, currant, and licorice root on the nose, invite you into this fruit forward, earthy finishing wine. Bursts of cherry and strawberry on the front, lead into rhubarb and savory spices mid-palate. Its finish is slightly spiced with green peppercorn and soft, earthy tannins. Brother’s Cab is great to sip by it self or enjoy with dinner!

February 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Cabernet Franc

(Beach House Vineyard) $32A new release, this Cab Franc was made with grapes grown right here in Palisade, Colorado by Beach House Vineyards. Traditionally used as a Cuvée blending grape, this true 100% varietal Franc explodes with characher! This wine is a testament not only of the power, but also the uniqueness behind Cabernet Franc. The farm pepper and river rock aromas intrigue and welcome you into the wines rustic heritage.

Dark cherry and hidden espresso liven it’s hearty earth completions. Then finishing dry with spicy tannins, it continues to change! Notice this Franc evolving on your palate into rich fruit and plum flavors. A bold and savory dinner wine that is sure to delight all, sip after sip! Your wine description this month is by Balistreri grand kids Angelina and Ray. Cheers!

January 2015

SOLD OUT 2013 American Petite Sirah

We’re starting the New Year with an extra special Petite Sirah for Wine Club Members. This beautiful dark magenta wine is a superb example of what the Petite Sirah grape has to offer. This wine begins with aromas of blood orange and blueberry, as welcoming flavors of fresh plum intensify to cooked berries and warm spices on the palate. A luxurious Petite that finishes rich and savory, with a hint of lingering orange rind. Great to enjoy now with hearty meats, or to cellar for several years!

December 2014

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon (Talbott Vineyard)

Cabernet Sauvignon is a noble grape that produces complex, full bodied wines. Our 2013 Cab Sauv from Talbott Vineyard is no exception! Deep burgundy hues and aromas of ash, boysenberry, and spicy oak entice you to take a taste. A leathery texture compliments warm cedar and tobacco flavors on the palate. The finish is slightly spicy, and nuances of cranberry linger long after your sip. Enjoy the rich, bold flavors of this classic Cab throughout the Holiday Season with family and friends! Have a Very Merry Holiday from all of us at Balistreri Vineyards!

November 2014

SOLD OUT 2013 American Primitivo (Amador County, CA)

We chose this juicy Primitivo for our November Wine of the Month because we thought its jammy characteristics would make this wine pair delightfully with Thanksgiving dinner! Sweet, candied dates on the nose, invite you into the jammy mature fruit on the palate. The finish is rich with a subtle black peppercorn spice. These Denver crushed Primitivo grapes were brought to us from Amador County, CA. Primitivo originated from Italy and is known as the “father” grape of Zinfandel. Both descend from the same rare Croatian varietal, but Primitivo roots can be traced back thousands of years, whereas Zinfandel roots can only be traced back 200 years

October 2014

SOLD OUT 2013 American Tempranillo (Amador County, CA)

These Denver crushed Tempranillo grapes were brought to us from Amador County, CA. Because this vineyard is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, we get the full effect of stressed grapes presenting fresh ripe fruit flavors. A blast of cherry aromas help bring on the bright young plum and tart cherry palate. Pleasant, dry, and ready for Fall! Cheers!

September 2014

SOLD OUT 2013 Colorado Little Feet Merlot (Talbott Vineyard)

Stomped by little feet at Festival Italiano in the Fall of 2013 in Belmar, this Merlot is finally ready! An easy start of soft cherry and floral aromas introduce this new wine. The palate is bright with fresh fruit, ramping up to a big finish of toasty tannins. A portion of the presales of Little Feet Merlot is donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado. Enjoy this brilliant Merlot on it’s own or with your favorite dish!

August 2014

SOLD OUT 2005 Colorado Syrah – (Whitewater Hill Vineyard)

Our August wine is an aged treat from the Balistreri Cellar! This 2005 Syrah has been maturing in the bottle for the past eight years, allowing the tannins to mellow gracefully.

Notes of green olive on the nose make for an interesting introduction to coffee, smoke, and ash flavors. Subtle hints of light fruit make this wine pair perfectly with hearty foods and barbeque. Salute! As with many aged Balistreri wines this wine is best decanted very gently to avoid disturbing the natural sediment that has collected on the cork and bottle over the years.

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