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Wine of the Month - December 2017

2016 Colorado Syrah $36

For years Balistreri Syrah has been linked to one particular and prominent characteristic; spice! Whether it was soft green peppercorn and savory notes from the Avant Vineyard, floral cherry and pink peppercorn from Talbott Vineyard, or the famous Horse Mountain Vineyard and its black over-the-top peppercorn spice; the theme has been that John Balistreri makes spicy Syrahs. And we are talking about fresh cracked peppercorn nuances, not baking spices. As my mother would say, “These Syrahs are wicked!” We became so accustomed to expecting that every Syrah grandpa produced, no matter the vineyard, if made naturally and in a whole cluster fashion (including the stems though fermentation) would turn out with that peppercorn spice. Which is why this new and first time Syrah was such a surprise.

Like all naturally made wines, place is important. Hence why we continue to separate all of our growers and vineyards between each varietal. Each individual plot will express its own profile and distinct traits through the glass. While many of our Syrahs have shown that big spicy flavor, that’s not how most Syrahs drink, nor does this new one from CVS Vineyard. Kaibab Savage owns and manages Colorado Vintner Specialists. While we have worked with Kaibab for many years,  we have yet to get our hands on his Syrah until now. This wine shows the other side of Syrah, the one you only see on certain vintages from us. Its so incredibly dark…this Syrah is going to stain your teeth! The nose is like blackberry concentrate. Aromas are ripe, ripe plum as the wine opens and also shows rich toasty notes. It pretty much smells like the darkest, inkiest, blackberry pie you’ve never actually had but only dreamed of. Pallet is velvety, smooth, and continues to show the black plum. This Syrah has it all: the texture, the fruit, a seductive, glossy, and sleek posture. Needless to say, I dig it. Like really dig it. Its not spicy, but this Syrah doesn’t have to be. It shows us what the CVS Vineyard and Kaibab’s growing techniques have to offer. And I am more then excited to see how this wine changes and pairs through the Holidays.

Oh, and this wine goes great with creamy cheeses, holiday cookies, nuts, and chocolate. There, I said it! Chocolate. If there is one thing I hate it’s the phrase “Ooo this wine would go great with chocolate!” I must be getting in the Holiday spirit or something. Ya’ll get a pass on this one, thank the CVS Syrah.



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Select wines are chosen each month by our Winemaker to include New Releases and Award-Winning Wines.

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