Wine Making Philosophy

John Balistreri’s are made completely natural, with a very approachable, easy-drinking style. He combines both traditional wine-making methods and modern technology to produce award winning wines- handcrafted, one barrel at a time, with grapes that are fermented on their own yeast, unaltered by sulfites, unfiltered, unfined and aged in American oak.

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Current Wine List

White Wines

2014 Colorado Riesling $26

(Talbott & Avant Vineyards) The Un– Riesling! Hints of stone fruit, citrus zest and lemongrass are complimented by a pleasant acidity, making this a great wine to pair with food. This Riesling finishes dry with notes of nutmeg and cardamom.

2015 Colorado Chardonnay $28

(Book Cliff Vineyard) The Un–Chardonnay is back! Aromas of honeysuckle and birch invite you into buttery flavors of apple and caramel popcorn.

2014 American Viognier $28

Buttery aromas invite you into this ripe and playful Viognier. Full bodied and mouth-watering, this rich, “orange” wine exhibits flavors of honeycomb, juicy pear, and lychee.


Red Wines

2015 Colorado Sangiovese $28

(Talbott Vineyard) This fun Sangiovese is the first release of the 2015 vintage! Just bottled, this is the perfect summer red. Aromas of cranberry and subtle earth open the palate to fresh cherry and bright grape.

2014 American G.S.M. $36

Our rendition of a classic Rhone blend, this Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre has terrific acidity and exotic fruit accents. The palate is medium bodied with notes of red current and balanced beautifully. The finish has a classic herb spice that lingers and will surely pair nicely with any hearty meal.

2014 Little Feet Merlot $26

(American) This Little Feet Merlot exhibits bold, ripe strawberry qualities balanced against fresh and vibrant acidity. Stomped by little feet at Festival Italiano at Belmar in the Fall of 2014.

2014 American Tempranillo $32

Deep garnet hues entice your palate into spicy white pepper enriched with tart red plums and more layers of dense fruit, while a dry mocha coffee finish lingers on and on.

2013 American Syrah $32

Cream soda, lavender and vanilla notes all collide on this smooth, medium bodied Syrah. There are hints of spice, but the palate is dominated by raspberry and red plums. Terrific food wine.

2014 Colorado Syrah $36

(Talbott Vineyard) Description coming soon!

2014 Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon $24

Grown by the Winemaker’s cousin in Lodi, CA; crushed in Denver. An old style Cabernet, this wine is hearty and earthy with pleasant food friendly tannins.

2013 Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon $24

(Aged one year in American Oak and one year in French Oak) Intense vanilla and toasted oak aromas lure you into flavors of dried cherries, cinnamon and allspice, that return to toasted oak and mocha on the finish.

2014 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon Sold Out!

(Whitewater Hill) This vibrant young Cab is packed with juicy red raspberry flavors that entice the palate. The young tannins linger just long enough to invite you back for the next sip.

2014 American Petite Sirah $46

Inky, expressive and powerful. This Petite is always one of our favorites with lush, ripe berry fruits and long, pure tannins. This wine is terrific now but it will continue to improve long into the future.

2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc $32

(Beach House Vineyard) A rich and dynamic, new world Franc! Green tobacco, bell pepper and fresh churned earth aromas settle in front of speckled wild berries. Palate starts bright with balanced acid, roasted green pepper, and rounds out full with flinty minerals and structured tannins!

2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc $34

(Black Bear Orchard Vineyard) A rich garnet hue invites you into aromas of black cherry, spices and toasted oak. The palate is super bright with flavors of mulberry and raw cranberry that seamlessly evolve into banana pepper and then spicy wood tannins on the finish.


Dessert Wines

Balistreri Port $28

Delish!! A “Ruby Style” Port produced with three Portuguese grape varietals: 35% Touriga, 35% Tinto Cao, and 30% Alvarelhao, grown in Amador County, CA; crushed in Denver. Caramel aromas invite you into brilliant berry flavors and a perfect balance of sweetness!

2012 Late Harvest Zinfandel $20

A super sweet Red with dried cherry and black current aromas that invite you into dried fruit, and honey flavors on the palate as warm spice linger on the finish.

Colorado Cherry $14

Barrel aging adds character to this delicious cherry wine. Almond, spice & strawberry aromas are followed by sweet cinnamon and cherry flavors, reminiscent of fresh Summer cherry pie.


Special Wines

2014 Colorado Orange Muscat $42

Truly an “Orange” style wine! Rustic citrus, creamsicle, and just a hint of sweetness, the way John Balistreri made Muscat growing up!

2012 Colorado Roussanne (Guy Parker Vineyard) $46

An earthy white wine! Grass and hay on the nose with creamy goat and blue cheese on the palate.

2012 Colorado Malbec (Bookcliff Vineyard) $68

Beautiful deep purple and ruby hues and aromas of blueberry and juniper berry lure you into rich blueberry and blackberry flavors on the palate. The finish is bright and juicy with flavors of sour pie cherries and lemon zest that are enhanced by spiced oak.

2012 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon (Lovies Vineyard) $64

Inky purple hues and rich berry aromas invite you into this heavy, full bodied Cab. Luscious flavors of fig and black currant coat your mouth as persimmon and a light citrus note lead into a long, lingering finish.

2009 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon (Lovie’s Vineyard)          Barrel #2175          $106

What’s better than old Lovie’s Cab? We can’t think of anything! Jammy raspberries, elegant earth undertones, smooth and delicious as can be.

2007 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon (Whitewater Hill Vineyard)          Barrel #9927          $75

Classic Whitewater Hill Cab, dark cherry aromas and brilliant acidity makes it perfect for food! Mellowed out with age, an old well-kept gem!

2012 Colorado Merlot (Lovies Vineyard) $68

Burgundy hues and candied fig, date, and warm spices entice you to sip this rich Merlot. Juicy black cherry welcomes you on the palate and is enhanced by creamy dark chocolate flavors. Bitter cocoa tannins give this wine a long finish and leaves you awaiting your next sip.


Limited Production Wines

These are rare, small-batch wines, some of the Winemakers favorites to produce. They will only be available for purchase for a limited time.

No discounts available on these special wines.

2011 Colorado Petit Verdot $56

(Avant Vineyard) A fabulous first time Balistreri Petit Verdot! Intense ground pepper spice on the nose lead you into a complex array of warm, spicy flavors that linger and await the next sip.

2014 Colorado Syrah $112

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) Brand new, this is the first time HM Syrah has shown such dark fruit. Boysenberries and deep red licorice, let this special wine open up with air and reveal racy spices!

2013 Colorado Syrah $122

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) Talk about transitions! This Syrah begins exceptionally creamy and lush with fresh raspberries then a sharp finish of black peppercorn. The winemaker’s favorite!

2011 Colorado Syrah $142

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) Intense, memorable black pepper spice with dark, ripe fruit and a satisfying finish on this rare Syrah. It’s a one barrel, limited-production Balistreri favorite!

Balistreri Port (Stranahan’s) Barrel S1          350mL          $52

Aged in Stranahan Whiskey barrels, enjoy the intense spicy butterscotch aromas that invite you into rich black cherry and cocoa flavors followed by a warm, whiskey-like finish.

Balistreri Tawny Port (First Ever!) Barrel #98-20          350mL          $98      

17 year-old, first ever Tawny Port! Finished aging in Stranahan Whiskey barrels, aromas of black walnut and tiramisu, there is no other Port like it! A wine old as the winery.

Colorado Cherry (Stranahan’s) Barrel #14-S3          350ml          $28

Another whiskey aged dessert wine! Rich aromas of vanilla, cherry-almond, hazelnut and a hint of blood orange rind. Velvety and smooth.


Balistreri Library Wine Collections

The Balistreri Wine Library is a collection of wines that have been reserved by our winemaker for a special reason. These wines have either received awards at international wine competitions or are personal favorites. Balistreri Library wines are only available in sets of two or three bottles, intended for the serious collector.

Talbott Vineyard Vertical collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2005 Colorado Zinfandel #2281
2006 Colorado Zinfandel#178-179
2007 Colorado Zinfandel#148-150

Hovde Vineyard 3 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon #2288

Bennett Merlot 2 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2000 Colorado Merlot #2065
2001 Colorado Merlot #2044

Lodi Petite Sirah 2 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2001 Petite Sirah #2063
2003 Petite Sirah #9925

Horse Mountain Vineyard Vertical collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Syrah #2296
2004 Colorado Syrah #7838
2005 Colorado Syrah #123-124

Lovies Vineyard 3 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon #9927