Wine Making Philosophy

John Balistreri’s wines are made completely natural, with a very approachable, easy-drinking style. He combines both traditional wine-making methods and modern technology to produce award winning wines- handcrafted, one barrel at a time, with grapes that are fermented on their own yeast, unaltered by sulfites, unfiltered, unfined and aged in American oak.

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Current Wine List

White Wines

2015 Colorado Riesling $26

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) A traditional wine made by leaving the must on the skin and stems for an extended duration. This gives the wine structure, grip and complexity. Fresh apple pie aromas with a  lemon pith tang on the finish.

2015 Colorado Chardonnay $28

(Talbott Vineyard) The Un–Chardonnay is back! Surprisingly unique, but totally delicious! The aroma is honeysuckle and cooked sweet malt! Palate shows baked apple, playful acidity and herbal tea. A Chardonnay like no other!

2015 Colorado Orange Muscat $30

(Talbott Vineyard) Although dry, this “Orange Muscat” is loaded with delicious tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Ripe pineapple, caramelized orange, touch of lemon zest and soft star anise spice! A classic Balistreri “orange” wine!


Red Wines

2015 Colorado Sangiovese $28

(Talbott Vineyard) Brilliant magenta color with  hints of cranberry on the nose, bright cherry flavors, and a light and crisp finish.

2015 Colorado Zinfandel $26

(Talbott Vineyard) NEW! Finally! It has been 5 long years since we’ve had a Colorado Zin crop, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Playful pomegranate & strawberry fruit explode with bright acidity, finishing round and warm with caramel hazelnut flavors! Yum!

2015 American G.S.M. $32

This is our newest rendition of a classic blend – Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre – these grapes just seem to fit together! This vintage is a touch lighter than last year, with a soft mouth feel, raspberry cinnamon spice and hint of ruby red grapefruit on the palate.

2015 Colorado Little Feet Merlot $26

(Talbott Vineyard) Stomped at the 2015 Annual Balistreri Harvest Party, this Merlot shows ripe Bing cherries, baked strawberry and good structure. A pure expression of Merlot, this wine has drive and character. We think it’s great now, but it will surely improve over the next several years.

2015 Colorado Tempranillo $32

(Talbott Vineyard) Tempranillo from the Western Slope is back! This wine is full of power, dark fruit, extremely balanced tannin, and beautiful magenta color. Aromas of plum skin, crushed raspberry and lush red fruit usher in a pallet of ripe bing cherry finished with gentle, subtle spice.

2015 Colorado Syrah $36

(Talbott Vineyard) A super-charged Syrah! The aroma reveals jammy raspberry, zesty orange peel, and a touch of toasty coconut. The palate is packed full of raspberry, blackberry and cherry fruit flavors. Although big and ripe, this wine keeps your attention with a note of green peppercorn spice on the finish.

2015 Colorado Syrah $56

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) This vineyard is among the most expressive and treasured of our line up. The nose is dominated by aromas of freshly ground black pepper, while the palate is ripe, smooth and full of creamy fruit flavor. Always one of our most treasured bottlings, this Syrah is the perfect pairing for lamb or other red meat.

2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc $24

(Avant Vineyard) Earthy and racy Avant Franc! Garden strawberry and wild rose petal aromas drive your palate towards playful fresh fruit. This Franc finishes in notes of flint and granite earth tones, and is perfect for pairing with fresh foods or for springtime sipping.

2014 Brother’s Cabernet Sauvignon $24

Grown by the Winemaker’s cousin in Lodi, CA; crushed in Denver. An old   style Cabernet with welcoming fresh floral aromas, tart strawberry and earth  tones that lead to pleasant slightly creamy tannins.

2015 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon $36

(Whitewater Hill Vineyard) Another fantastic vintage of W.W. Cab! Fresh aromas of ripe cherry and plum skin. Structured and full, the fruit compliments earth tones and fantastic dusty tannins. A stellar Cabernet fit to enjoy now with hearty meats or cellar for several years!

2014 American Petite Sirah $46

Inky, expressive and powerful. This Petite is always one of our favorites with lush, ripe berry fruits and long, pure tannins. This wine is terrific now but it will continue to improve long into the future.


Dessert Wines

Balistreri Port $28

Delish!! A “Ruby Style” Port produced with three Portuguese grape varietals: 40% Tinto Cao, 20% Torigua, and 20% Alvarelhao, as well as 20% Zinfandel grown in Amador County, CA; crushed at the Winery here in Denver. Butterscotch aromas invite you into stewed berry flavors and a perfect balance of sweetness with.

2015 Late Harvest Zinfandel $20

A sweet Red with dried cherry and black currant aromas that invite you into dried fruit flavors on the palate as warm spices linger on the finish.

Colorado Cherry $14

Barrel aging adds character to this delicious cherry wine. Almond, spice & strawberry aromas are followed by sweet hazelnut and cherry flavors, reminiscent of fresh Summer cherry pie.


Ray’s Special Library Wine List

The winemaker’s grandson, Ray, put together a list of some of our favorite Library Wines! We love being able to share some truly hidden gems; some have aged to become exquisitely smooth, while others were made in such a limited quantity, they never made it on our tasting room line up. If you have visited the winery lately, you may have been lucky enough to taste one of them!

Click Here to View Ray’s Special Library Wines!


Balistreri Library Wine Collections

The Balistreri Wine Library is a collection of wines that have been reserved by our winemaker for a special reason. These wines have either received awards at international wine competitions or are personal favorites. Balistreri Library wines are only available in sets of two or three bottles, intended for the serious collector.

Talbott Vineyard Vertical collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2005 Colorado Zinfandel #2281
2006 Colorado Zinfandel#178-179
2007 Colorado Zinfandel#148-150

Hovde Vineyard 3 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon #2288

Bennett Merlot 2 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2000 Colorado Merlot #2065
2001 Colorado Merlot #2044

Lodi Petite Sirah 2 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2001 Petite Sirah #2063
2003 Petite Sirah #9925

Horse Mountain Vineyard Vertical collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Syrah #2296
2004 Colorado Syrah #7838
2005 Colorado Syrah #123-124

Lovies Vineyard 3 bottle collection Call for Pricing and Availability
2003 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon #9927