Wine Making Philosophy

John Balistreri’s wines are made completely natural, with a very approachable, easy-drinking style. He combines both traditional wine-making methods and modern technology to produce award winning wines- handcrafted, one barrel at a time, with grapes that are fermented on their own yeast, unaltered by sulfites, unfiltered, unfined and aged in American oak.

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Current Wine List

This time of year, many of the previous vintage wines are selling out while the new vintage is coming out.

White Wines

2017 Colorado Riesling   $26 (Sold Out)

(Horse Mountain Vineyard) Brand new, and one of our greatest Rieslings from one of our most premier vineyards. After soaking on the skins for 8 days this Riesling continued to ferment cold and slow; building its gorgeous aromatics of apple, citrus, & honeycomb. Palate lends to white peach, crisp minerality and refreshingly drier than one might expect. A delicious vintage sure to withstand the test of time or enjoy young and fresh now!

2018 Colorado Chardonnay   $28

(CSU Vineyard) An un-Chardonnay fermented on its skins and unfiltered! Aromas begin smooth with subtle hints of butter, dominated by lemon pith and sweet corn. A riper Chardonnay, the palate leans toward unique fruit flavors of banana, lemon, and again finishing with that lingering sweet corn. You’ll even notice heavier body and tannin structure! Yes tannin! Not a normal Chardonnay, it finishes like a red.

2018 Colorado Sauvignon Blanc $32

(Avant Vineyard) Just bottled a light and lively summer wine with ripe pineapple aromas and flavors that bounce back and forth on your palate with citron and lemon. This hazy untraditional Sauv Blanc was fermented on the skin for seven days contributing to the layers of flavors.

2017 Colorado Orange Muscat   $30 (Sold Out

(Talbott Vineyard) The word “Orange” here references both the grape and the style in which it is made. In other words, it’s fermented on the skin giving it both color and structure. Ultra perfumed and aromatic, this white wine drinks more like a red with a full body and ultra smooth finish.

2018 Colorado Rosé Merlot   $28 (Sold Out)

(Bookcliff Vineyard) Hints of white cherry and peach greet the nose, while a lush creamy mouthfeel lingers on the palate as the finish rounds out with a slight nuttiness on the back end. This Rosé is sure to be a Garden Party necessity for the warm days ahead.

Red Wines

2017 Colorado Sangiovese   $32 (Sold Out)

(Talbott Vineyard) We are starting with the finale. This vintage of Sangiovese from the Talbott Vineyard, is the last. The vineyard has been  dying slowly and this past spring the vines were taken out. Fortunately for us all, this last bottling is one of the greatest. Pure and delicate aromas of Strawberry mingle with freshly washed fennel and subtle star anise. The approach on your palate is soft, savory and refreshing right before you’re met with classic ample tannin. Acidity is balanced and presents the wine elegantly. 2017 Sangiovese is the perfect wine to drink now while it is juicy and young, but age it, and allow the tannins to mellow and unwrap this final gift. Cheers.

2018 American Sangiovese   $32

This 2018 is surely one of our favorite vintages of Sangiovese in recent memory. Immensely expressive aromas with notes of fresh cream, red berry fruit and dark cherry. Layer after layer of ripe fruit please the palate, while a long smooth (creamy) finish gives balance to an otherwise fruit dominant wine. Though quite young, the use of older American Oak barrels has given this a sense of poise and balance rarely seen at this stage.

2017 Colorado Zinfandel   $30 (Sold Out)

(Black Vineyard) Finally, we’ve found some Zinfandel from Colorado!  Younger vines, this wine is zippy, juicy and playful on the palate. It’s not a  common grape in Colorado, but this bright, delicious Colorado Zinfandel is sure to please!

2017 American Carignan $38
This forgotten grape is sourced from old vines in the historic Amador County of California. The older vines naturally create amazing concentration and purity of fruit. Even with ample ripeness, it’s still balanced, nuanced and extremely easy to drink.

2017 Colorado Petite Sirah   $36 (Sold Out)

(Talbott Vineyard) A more spiced and edgy side of Balistreri Petite! Aromas are cranberry, black peppercorn, and baking spices. On the         tongue you’ll see continued spice on the front of the palate, transforming into tart plum. After all this aggression and dynamic tones, the wine finishes very smooth and balanced. Softer than other vintages, this 2017 is still no slouch. Pair with game, like Easter lamb!

GSM   $32

The blend is back! A long awaited for Cuvee consisting mostly of Syrah alongside noticeably juicy Grenache and deep Mourvedre. The aroma offers mild spice accompanied with fresh floral notes; a result of the whole cluster fermentation. The palate expresses vibrant cherry, energetic and pleasing as it finishes with subtle tannin. A complex & juicy delight fit for lamb, roasted veggies, or backyard lounging.

2017 Colorado Syrah   $36 (Sold Out)

(Bookcliff Vineyard) It’s been a long time since we have made Syrah from Bookcliff’s Vineyards, and we are excited to have it around! A very full and lush Syrah focused on more round powerful fruit, rather than our more expected spiced and earthy expressions. Aromas are of vanilla, caramel, cream and raspberry. Palate is dark berries and cream with a dry finish and mouthwatering acid to balance power and tannin. A Syrah lover’s dream!

2017 Colorado Syrah $36

(CVS Vineyard) Undeniably one of our favorite Colorado grapes, this Syrah has classic spice character with great structure. The deep garnet color sets the stage for this full-bodied Syrah and scents of vanilla cola and spice immediately grab your attention. At first sip, a noticeable rich texture leads you into concentrated boysenberry and juicy blackberry jam. Satisfying tannins make this wine smooth and  velvety.

2016 Colorado Tempranillo   $28

(Talbott Vineyard) Aromas of juicy sweet raspberry kick off an expressive and complex Tempranillo. The mouth-feel is smooth and easy; not too heavy or too light, this wine is very balanced over the palate. Cherry skin, raspberry and subtle menthol lead to a finish of refreshment and savoring tannin.

2017 Colorado Tempranillo   $30

(Avant Vineyard) A new, high toned and balanced wine we haven’t seen in a while! Aromatics are delicate, fresh tart cherry and hints of washed plum. The palate has more power with cherry and crushed raspberry. This new Tempranillo is in immense harmony, controlled by a very medium tannin and housed in a beautiful garnet color.

2017 Colorado Merlot   $30

(Mendenhall Vineyard) A fun little secret we kept in the cellar, this 2016 vintage is finally released! An ideal food wine, this Merlot is    structured and dry. Aromas of fresh lily stems and raspberry showcase a delicate side to what is really a more powerful wine. Cherry, nutmeg spice, and lively fresh herbs are smooth and prominent. Finishing with gripping tannin, this wine demands heavy foods and big glasses. Cheers!

2017 Colorado Malbec  $32 (Sold Out)

(Bookcliff Vineyard) We now source Malbec from several vineyards but it has been since the 2012 vintage that we’ve had some from Bookcliff! The wine is very dark purple, with heavy and dense aromas. Complex spice from the 4 year old oak barrels, and intense plum. Its juicy, dark, full up front, energetic and transparent on the palate with a young and clean finish. A rare expression of Malbec, one you typically do not see!


2015 Colorado Cabernet Franc      $24

(Avant Vineyard) A vibrant expression of a classic earthy Franc aged in oak for 2 years. Flint and tart grape aromas introduce a bright and spicy palate. Subtle hints of  sour cherry and bell pepper mingle with woody tannin on the finish. Perfect for pairing with savory foods.

2016 Colorado Cabernet Franc          $30

(Beach House Vineyard) A vibrant expression of those classic earthy Francs. Flint and tart grape aromas introduce a bright and spicy palate. Subtle hints of green peppercorn, sour cherry and bell pepper are complimenting and fresh. Tannin creeps on the finish, a sign of great body and texture. Perfect pairing with foods or aging.

2017 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon   $36

(Pesci Vineyard) Aromas are powerful and exciting as sweet candied cherry showcases the ripe and warmer vintage. Oak is present but not obvious; there isn’t too much of that new barrel makeup here. Warm notes of allspice and cocoa hide a subtle and savory exotic side, while staying fresh and vibrant with blueberry and black cherry flavors. A beautiful marriage of New and Old World styles meeting in harmony.

2017 Petit Verdot  $48
A grape rarely seen on its own, this wine is 100% Petit Verdot. Inky and dark colors lure your nose to aromas of herbal spice and jazzy fruit. Palate is juicy big red fruit, oak spice and lush hefty finish. A wonderful wine to hold and age or enjoy now with fatty meats and heavy foods. Prime rib?

Dessert Wines

Colorado Cherry    375ml    $14

Barrel aging adds character to this delicious cherry wine. Almond, spice & strawberry aromas are followed by sweet hazelnut and cherry   flavors, reminiscent of fresh Summer cherry pie.

2018 Late Harvest Zinfandel   $20

A sweet and tangy red perfect after dinner, as sangria, or  for those that need to please their sweet-tooth! Candied cherry and spiced raisin flavors tickle your tongue, while the sensations of jammy big Zin are still not forgotten in this Late Harvest. Cheers!

Balistreri Port   375ml   $28

Delish!! A “Ruby Style” Port is produced with 50% Zinfandel, as well as two Portuguese grape varietals: 25% Touriga and 25% Tinto Cao grown in Amador County, CA; crushed at the Winery here in Denver. Sun-baked, dried cherry aromas invite you into raisin, date, and cherry slatko, harnessing a balanced sweetness, velvety texture and herbal finish!

Ray’s Special Library Wine List

The winemaker’s grandson, Ray, put together a list of some of our favorite Library Wines! We love being able to share some truly hidden gems; some have aged to become exquisitely smooth, while others were made in such a limited quantity, they never made it on our tasting room line up. If you have visited the winery lately, you may have been lucky enough to taste one of them!

Click Here to View Ray’s Special Library Wines!